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Drought affects the carbon cycle in Georgia blackwater rivers

Droughts might be affecting how Georgia’s blackwater rivers process carbon, according to a new study led by Andrew Mehring, PhD '12, while he was at the University of Georgia.

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Pringle receives Kilham Memorial Award from the International Society of Limnology

Catherine Pringle, Distinguished Research Professor in the UGA Odum School of Ecology, has received the Kilham Award from the International Society of Limnology.

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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Ecosystem responses along abiotic, biotic and selective gradients
Ford Ballantyne, Assistant Professor, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia
Apr. 22, 2014

ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Effects of spatial heterogeneity on ecosystem functioning: complementarity and selection in a model system
Marcel Holyoak, Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis
Apr. 29, 2014