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Human handouts could be spreading disease from birds to people

People feeding white ibises at public parks are turning the normally independent birds into beggars, and now researchers at the University of Georgia say it might also be helping spread disease.

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Odum School of Ecology Professor Publishes Reference for Diseases of Coral

Professor James W. Porter is the co-editor of a new book, Diseases of Coral, which provides comprehensive descriptions and information about diagnostic procedures and treatments for coral disease using a uniform vocabulary.

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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Moving from micro to macro: Scaling interactions between organisms and microclimates to predict species ranges
Michael W. Sears, Associate Professor, Clemson University
Feb. 9, 2016

ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Three dimensions of amphibian conservation: Disease, diversity, and deforestation
C. Guilherme Becker, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Biology, São Paulo State University, Brazil
Feb. 16, 2016