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New model helps explain how human-provided food resources promote or reduce wildlife disease

Scientists have long known that providing supplemental food for wildlife, or resource provisioning, can sometimes cause more harm than good. UGA ecologists Daniel Becker and Richard Hall have developed a new mathematical model to tease apart the processes that help explain why.

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UGA Graduate School Features Odum School's Alyssa Gehman

The Fall 2014 issue of the UGA Graduate School Magazine features a story about Odum School doctoral student Alyssa Gehman.

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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Dispersal, demographic heterogeneity, and the dynamics of open populations
Erik Noonburg, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University
Oct. 28, 2014

CONSERVATION SEMINAR: Coordinating science and politics for conservation of a federally-endangered plant, Canby's Dropwort
Lisa Kruse, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Oct. 29, 2014