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Model demonstrates link between species’ traits, competitive success, environmental conditions

Researchers at Yale University and the University of Georgia have developed and experimentally tested a new mathematical model based on the work of the late Ken Leonard, PhD '10, that helps explain when and where species are likely to outcompete or coexist with one another.

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EcoVoice 2015

Welcome to EcoVoice 2015, the Odum School of Ecology's annual magazine.

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SEMINAR: Evolutionary genomics of canids: A tale of diverging tails
Bridgett vonHoldt, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
Sep. 3, 2015

ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Integrating Resource Distribution, Animal Movement and Infectious Disease Dynamics
Richard Hall, Assistant Research Scientist, Odum School of Ecology
Sep. 8, 2015