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Randy Singer, BS '08

Randy Singer discussed his experience at the Odum School with Director of Development Lee Snelling.

Lee Snelling: What degree did you receive while at UGA?
Randy Singer: BS Ecology, 2008

LS: What was your area of study?
RS: Ecology/Ichthyology

LS: How did your time in ecology prepare you for the world?
RS: Through both course work, and laboratory volunteering I believe I was extremely prepared for a career in science.

LS: Who was your favorite faculty member?
RS: Dr. Jacqueline Mohan

LS: What are you currently doing?
RS: Assistant Collection Manager at the Florida Museum of Natural History

LS: What are you most proud of since leaving UGA?
RS: Working in the FLMNH collection and participating in deep-sea research.  My job consists of maintaining and curating the museums Ichthyology collection, aiding in research both here in the museum and abroad, contributing to public education, and collecting specimens to add to the collection. For an ichthyologist it is pretty much a dream job. I get to collect, identify, and do research on fish, and I get paid to do it!

LS: What have you enjoyed about working at the FLMNH?
RS: All in all, working in a museum definitely makes for being a well-rounded biologist/ecologist/ichthyologist because you can work with fishes across several taxonomic and even geologic locations in any given day.

LS: What are the plans for the future?
RS: I plan to work on my Master’s degree under the direction of world famous freshwater ichthyologist Dr. Lawrence Page (he wrote the freshwater Peterson Field Guides). For my graduate work I will be describing new species of loach (a small cyprinid or minnow with whiskers) in East Asia.

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