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Gifts that Impact

Giving to the Odum School

Feb. 28, 2013

The Eugene Odum School of Ecology is extremely grateful to its generous alumni, faculty and friends for their commitment to outstanding education through personal giving.

Many corporations and foundations around the United States and the world have also partnered with the Odum School, to attract and retain eminent faculty, students and researchers through scholarships, fellowships and professorships established at the University of Georgia.

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The Ron Carroll and Carol Hoffman Costa Rica Travel Award

Jan. 7, 2015

In May, Douglas Hart traveled to Costa Rica as a recipient of the Ron Carroll and Carol Hoffman Costa Rica Travel Award. Upon his return Doug was kind enough to share several photos of his travels and a few words of appreciation.

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Odum School Small Grant Awards 2013

Dec. 5, 2013

Each year the Odum School awards small grants to a number of our graduate students. This past year ten small grants were awarded for an overall $20,000 of funding. This funding was primarily provided by the Eugene and William Odum Ecology Fund and the IDEA Board, Dean Gittleman’s advisory board. This funding plays an important role in supporting the research efforts of our graduate students.

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Katherine Zarada's Costa Rican Adventure

Oct. 23, 2013

Katherine Zarada is an ecology and biochemistry double major and one of the first two recipients—ecology major Rachel Usher is the other—of the Ron Carroll and Carol Hoffman Costa Rica Travel Award. As a thank you to Ron, Carol and all those alumni, faculty, staff and friends who made contributions honoring Ron's retirement, Katherine has shared her Costa Rica experience.

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Dr. Eugene P. Odum

Mar. 6, 2013

It is rare that an individual makes major contributions in each essential component of academic life - teaching, research and service.  Eugene Pleasants Odum (September 17, 1913-August 10, 2002) accomplished just that.

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