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About the Undergraduate Program

The Odum School of Ecology uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide an unparalleled experience to its undergraduate students. To be prepared for careers in ecology, students are provided a solid foundation in the fundamental sciences of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and data analysis. With these tools, students then investigate more broadly the patterns of biodiversity through elective courses in geography, anthropology, natural history, environmental law and a host of other subjects.

With either a major or minor in ecology, an education from the Odum School is a great start to an exciting range of careers from conservation to environmental law to academia. Many students continue their education by enrolling in a graduate program, while others have gone on to the Peace Corps, non-profits, government agencies and more. Having a background in ecology gives our graduates an advantage since environmental issues are at the forefront of society.

Students are strongly encouraged to get involved in independent research projects early in their college career, as a way to earn course credit outside the classroom format. Building science credentials through research and publication provides Odum School students with important hands-on experience that serves them well in future careers.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in study abroad and Maymester programs. In locations including Costa Rica, New Zealand and Antarctica, students have the opportunity to experience classwork and fieldwork in areas such as tropical ecology and agroecology. And, of course, having an academic experience in another part of the world is an adventure all its own.

classThe Odum School is small, with approximately 80 undergraduates, allowing for a level of interaction with faculty, graduate students, and peers that is truly unique. The newly reinvigorated Ecology Club provides students with the opportunity to participate in projects showcasing the group’s focus areas of outreach, service and nature appreciation. From working to increase campus sustainability to nature hikes and participation in Earth Day, this group is a cohesive unit that continues to make its presence known on campus.


“My education with the Odum School has changed the way I view the natural world. I have learned so much about the relationship between our society and the environment.”
-Chris Morphis (B.S. Ecology, Class of ‘10)

"The Odum School of Ecology has provided me with an outstanding academic foundation and introduced me to an amazing community of scholars and friends."
-Christina Faust (B.S./M.S. Ecology, Class of ‘09)

“Because it is a small school, the Odum School has a real sense of community. It’s easy to get to know your fellow ecology majors and your professors."
-Jean Chi (B.S. Ecology, Class of ‘09)


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