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2017 Graduate Student Symposium

Spring 2017
Jan. 27, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Odum School of Ecology Auditorium

The Odum School Graduate Student Symposium (GSS) is a chance to hear the latest research from the graduate student community and posters by undergrad researchers in the Odum School. It is an interdisciplinary conference including folks from the Integrative Conservation program (ICON) and Interdisciplinary Disease Ecology Across Scales (IDEAS). This great event gives students the chance to present their research to the Odum community.

GSS is capped by a keynote address given by a notable graduate of the program. This year's keynote speaker is David Walters, MS CESD '97/PhD '02, a research scientist with the U.S.G.S. and an affiliate faculty member at Colorado State University. His talk is titled "From rocks to spiders: Geologic controls on trace metals affect aquatic-riparian linkages in Rocky Mountain streams."

Walters is a freshwater ecologist with broad training in stream ecology, human impacts on aquatic ecosystems, and ecotoxicology. His current research topics include food webs and contaminant flux, aquatic-riparian linkages, stream fish ecology, land use and climate change, and invasive species. He currently leads the Aquatic Ecology and Contaminants Team at the Fort Collins Science Center where the team investigates various human impacts to aquatic and riparian systems using field studies, manipulative experiments, and modeling.

The 2017 GSS is scheduled for January 27th and 28th. All events will be held in the Odum School of Ecology auditorium and main lobby, and are free and open to all.

For more details, including the complete schedule of talks and posters, see http://gsa.ecology.uga.edu/gss/.