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Field Stations & Facilities

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

This lab was established through an NSF equipment grant.  Work performed in the lab must be acknowledged by footnote in any publication presenting data generated by the lab and the lab must be provided with a reprint of any such publication. These requests are considered part of the price for analytical work. The costs listed are for nonprofit clients only.

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Georgia Museum of Natural History

The Georgia Museum of Natural History is the repository for the preservation and study of the tangible evidence of history, culture and natural heritage of the state of Georgia and its people.

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Odum Broad River Property

Eugene P. Odum willed to the Odum School of Ecology a 111-acre (45-ha) parcel of land dominated by mature hardwood forest within the Broad River Watershed located in Madison County, Georgia. Dr. Odum placed a perpetual conservation easement on eighty-six acres (33 ha) of this property.

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Odum Library

The purpose of the Ecology Library is to support the instruction, research and service missions of the Odum School of Ecology.

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River Basin Center

The River Basin Center focuses on the intersection between science and policy, and works to link these two arenas in a way that strengthens the effectiveness of both.

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Field Stations and Facilities

Field Stations