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HorseShoe Bend Ecology Experimental Research Site

HorseShoe Bend (HSB) Ecology Experimental Research Site, located along College Station Road, is a component of the University of Georgia East Campus.  HSB has a rich tradition of community service, environmental education, and ecological research in areas such as, agroecosystem ecology, ecosystem development, perturbation ecology, population ecology, and teacher education. This thirty-five acre (14.2-ha) site was founded in 1965, and officially assigned to then the Institute of Ecology on 23 February 1984. Numerous undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in ecology and forestry, and teachers seeking graduate enrichment through workshops, have accessed HSB as an outdoor laboratory. HorseShoe Bend: A Center for Ecological Teaching, Research, and Service at the University of Georgia, authored by J. Blesh and M. Williams, 2002, published with funding provided by T. L. Barrett, the Eugene P. Odum Endowed Chair in Ecology, and Eugene P. Odum and William E. Odum Endowed Fund, provides a descriptive early history and the modern evolution of HSB. Also, see Chapter 9, “HorseShoe Bend Research: Old Field Studies (1976-2000),” authored by P. Hendrix, E. P. Odum, D. A. Crossley, Jr., and D. C. Coleman, pp. 164-177, in Holistic Science: The Evolution of the Georgia Institute of Ecology (1940-2000), edited by G. W. Barrett and T. L. Barrett, 2001, New York,Taylor & Francis.




Bud Freeman

Chair, Eugene P. Odum School of Ecology Facilities Committee