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Odum Broad River Property

Eugene P. Odum willed to the Odum School of Ecology a 111-acre (45-ha) parcel of land dominated by mature hardwood forest within the Broad River Watershed located in Madison County, Georgia. Dr. Odum placed a perpetual conservation easement on eighty-six acres (33 ha) of this property. The Broad River Watershed is undeveloped, and as such, provides habitat for a high diversity of species both flora and fauna. The intrinsic value of this watershed has been recognized by the State of Georgia as the Broad River Natural Area, which is situated directly across the river from the Odum Broad River Property. The Odum Broad River Property has value in the potential for research and learning opportunity within fields of study such as, ecology, conservation, forestry, landscape architecture, plant sciences, and outdoor education. Plans have been discussed regarding the establishment of a field station facility relating to this property. For additional information regarding the Odum Broad River Property, contact Bud Freeman, Chair of the Odum School of Ecology Facilities Committee, budfree@uga.edu.