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Gary W Barrett

Eugene P Odum Chair in Ecology
Graduate Faculty
University of Georgia
Eugene P. Odum Chair of Ecology
Athens, GA 30602-2202

email: gbarrett@uga.edu

Gary Barrett is also a member of the Conservation Ecology faculty.


PhD - University of Georgia

Research Interests

  • Stress effects on ecosystem dynamics
  • Mammalian population dynamics
  • Applied ecology
  • Agroecosystem ecology
  • Landscape ecology
  • Career trends in ecological research and education

Research Projects

Landscape ecology of small mammals, Mechanisms of coexistence of Perromyscus leucopus and Ochrotomys nuttalli, Career trends in ecological research and education

Selected Publications


Barrett, G. W., T. L. Barrett, S. J. Connelly, A. S. Mehring, and J. O. Moree, eds. 2011. Ecology Exercise Book: An Ecosystem Approach. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 148 pp.

Barrett, G. W. and G. A. Feldhamer, eds. 2008. The Golden Mouse: Ecology and Conservation,             New York: Springer, 239 pp.

Odum, E. P., and G. W. Barrett. 2005. Fundamentals of Ecology. Fifth Edition. Belmont,                           California: Thomson Brooks/Cole, 598 pp.

Barrett, G. W., and T. L. Barrett, eds. 2001. Holistic Science: The Evolution of the Georgia                        Institute of Ecology (1940-2000). New York: Taylor & Francis, 366 pp.

Kress, J. W., and G. W. Barrett, eds. 2001. A New Century of Biology. Washington, D.C.:                          Smithsonian Institution Press, 159 pp.

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Gary W Barrett