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Scott Connelly

Graduate Faculty
University of Georgia
Room 28, Ecology Bldg.
Athens, GA 30602

Office: 706-542-5233
Fax: 706-542-4819
email: scottcon@uga.edu


Ph.D. - University of Georgia

Research Interests

  • Ecosystem effects of biodiversity loss, with a focus on the decline of amphibians in the neotropics
  • Captive amphibian husbandry
  • Stream-water quality and quantity issues in Costa Rica

Professional Affiliations

Society for Freshwater Science

Ecological Society of America

Selected Publications

Connelly, S., C.M. Pringle, M. Hunte-Brown, S.S. Kilham, M.R. Whiles, K.R. Lips, and C. Colon-Gaud. 2014. Initial versus long-term responses of algae and nitrogen cycling to amphibian declines in a neotropical stream. Freshwater Biology 59: 1113-1122.

Whiles, M., R. Hall, W. Dodds, P. Verburg, A. Huryn, C. Pringle, K. Lips, S. Kilham, C. Colon-Gaud, A. Rugenski, S. Peterson, and S. Connelly. 2013. Disease-driven amphibian declines alter ecosystem processes in a tropical stream. Ecosystems 16: 146-157.

Connelly, S., C.M. Pringle, M.R. Whiles, K.R. Lips, S.S. Kilham, and R. Brenes. 2011. Do tadpoles affect leaf decomposition in neotropical streams? Freshwater Biology 59: 1863-1875.

Colón-Gaud, C., M.R. Whiles, S.S. Kilham, K.R. Lips, C.M. Pringle, S. Connelly, R. Brenes, and S.D. Peterson. 2010. Potential functional redundancy and resource facilitation between tadpoles and insect grazers in tropical headwater streams. Freshwater Biology 55: 2077-2088.

Colón-Gaud, C., M.R. Whiles, S.S. Kilham, K.R. Lips, C.M. Pringle, S. Connelly, R. Brenes, and S.D. Peterson. 2010. Stream invertebrate responses to a catastrophic decline in consumer diversity. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29: 1185-1198.

Colón-Gaud, C., M.R. Whiles, S.S. Kilham, K.R. Lips, C.M. Pringle, S. Connelly, and S.D. Peterson. 2009. Assessing ecological responses to catastrophic amphibian declines: Patterns of macroinvertebrate production and food web structure in upland Panamanian streams. Limnology and Oceanography 54: 331-343.

Connelly, S., C.M Pringle, R.J. Bixby, R. Brenes, M.R. Whiles, K.R. Lips, S.S. Kilham, and A.D. Huryn, 2008. Changes in stream primary producer communities resulting from the loss of tadpoles: Can small-scale experimental results predict effects of large-scale catastrophic amphibian declines? Ecosystems 11: 1262-1276.

Whiles, M., K. Lips, C. Pringle, S.S. Kilham, R.J. Bixby, R. Brenes, S. Connelly, J.C. Colon-Gaud, M. Hunte-Brown, A.D. Huryn, C. Montgomery, and S. Peterson. 2006. The effects of amphibian population declines on the structure and function of Neotropical stream ecosystems. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4: 27-34.

Helms, S.E., S.J. Connelly, and M.D. Hunter. 2004. Effects of variation among plant species on the interaction between a herbivore and its parasitoid. Environmental Entomology 29: 44-51.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Pringle, C.M., E.P Anderson, M. Ardón, R.J. Bixby, S. Connelly, J.H. Duff, A.P. Jackman, P. Paaby, A. Ramírez, G.E. Small, M.N. Snyder, and F.J. Triska. In press. Rivers of Costa Rica. In: M. Kappelle (ed.), Costa Rican Ecosystems. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL.

Barrett G., T. Barrett, S. Connelly, A. Mehring, and J. Moree. 2011. Ecology Exercise Book: An Ecosystem Approach. Kendall/Hunt Publishing. Dubuque, IA.

Download Vitae: connelly_cv_august_2014_001.pdf

Scott Connelly