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Kaitlin Farrell

University of Georgia
Room 199B, Odum School of Ecology
Athens, GA 30602

Lab: 706-542-5881
email: farrellkj2@gmail.com

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M.S. Biology- Appalachian State University

B.S. Environmental Biology- McGill University

Research Interests

Scaling of aquatic ecosystem processes, consumer effects on ecosystem processes, aquatic symbioses

Research Projects

Scale, Consumers, and Lotic Ecosystem Rates (SCALER)

Global Lakes Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) Fellowship Program

Honors and Awards

2015 Frank Golley Memorial Scholarship, Odum School of Ecology, UGA

2012 Ph.D. Scholar of Excellence, UGA

2010 Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship Competition

Professional Affiliations

Ecological Society of America, Society for Freshwater Science

Selected Publications

Rüegg, J., W.K. Dodds, M.D. Daniels, K.R. Sheehan, C.L. Baker, W.B. Bowden, K.J. Farrell, M.B. Flinn, T.K. Harms, J.B. Jones, & L.E. Koenig. 2015. Baseflow physical characteristics differ at multiple spatial scales in stream networks across diverse biomes. Landscape Ecology doi:10.​1007/​s10980-015-0289-y.

Farrell, K.J., R.P. Creed, & B.L. Brown. 2014. Reduced densities of ectosymbiotic worms (Annelida: Branchiobdellida) on reproducing female crayfish. Southeastern Naturalist 13: 523-529.

Farrell, K.J., R.P. Creed, & B.L. Brown. 2014. Preventing overexploitation in a mutualism: Partner regulation in the crayfish-branchiobdellid symbiosis. Oecologia 174: 501-510.

Skelton, J., K.J. Farrell, R.P. Creed, B.W. Williams, C. Ames, B.S. Helms, J. Stoekel, & B.L. Brown. 2013. Servants, scoundrels, and hitchhikers: current understanding of the complex interactions between crayfish and their ectosymbiotic worms (Branchiobdellida). Freshwater Science 32: 1345-1357.

Brown, B.L., R.P. Creed, J. Skelton, M.R. Rollins & K.J. Farrell. 2012. The fine line between mutualism and parasitism:  Complex effects in a cleaning symbiosis demonstrated by multiple field experiments. Oecologia 170: 199-207.

Kaitlin Farrell

"The good life of any river may depend on the perception of its music; and the preservation of some music to perceive"
- Aldo Leopold