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Katie Mascovich

University of Georgia
Room 22B, Ecology
Athens, GA 30602

email: kathryn.mascovich25@uga.edu

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M.S. Ecology student - University of Georgia - Athens, GA

B.S. Conservation and Resource Studies - University of California - Berkeley, CA

A.A. Global Studies - Santa Rosa Junior College - Santa Rosa, CA

A.A. Latin American Studies - Santa Rosa Junior College - Santa Rosa, CA

A.S. Natural Sciences - Santa Rosa Junior College - Santa Rosa, CA

Research Interests

  • Conservation ecology
  • Sustainable development
  • Natural resource and wildlife management
  • Environmental education
  • Shoreline change
  • Climate change
  • Herpetology


Research Projects

My research focuses on creating a model system for sustainable development in order to strike a balance between the ecological, economic, and social needs of Jekyll Island State Park, Georgia. Through the study of the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) and its nesting habitat, my work will:


  • Determine the response of sea turtle nesting and hatching activity to the developed and developing beachfront landscape of Jekyll Island.
  • Identify the best form of public education and/or outreach platform to inform beach guests of good stewardship behaviors to reduce their environmental impacts while sustainably supporting the social and economic needs of Jekyll Island.
  • Use the research outlined above to help inform the implementation of the Jekyll Island Authority's Beach Management Plan.


Professional Affiliations

Jekyll Island Authority

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Katie Mascovich