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Courtney Murdock

Assistant Professor
Graduate Faculty
University of Georgia
Room 260, Veterinary Medicine
Athens, GA 30602

email: cmurdock@uga.edu

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1997-2001 (University of Michigan): B.S. in Biology, Spanish Literature Minor

2002-2009 (University of Michigan): Ph.D. in Resource Ecology & Management, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

2009-2014 (Penn State University):  Post-doctoral Research Scholar, Department of Entomology, Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Research Interests

One of the main drivers of vector-borne disease transmission is the ecology of the insect vector. Changes in climate and land use alter ecological relationships vectors have with their hosts and pathogens and parasites, resulting in shifts in transmission. Our research applies ecological and evolutionary theory to better understand the host-vector-pathogen interaction, key environmental drivers of transmission, and how environmental change will affect vector-borne disease transmission.

Courtney Murdock