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Bernard Patten

Regents Professor Emeritus
Graduate Faculty
University of Georgia
Room 20, Ecology Bldg.
Athens, GA 30602

Office: (706) 542-6035
Fax: (706) 542-3390
email: bmpatten@earthlink.net


Ph.D. - Rutgers

Research Interests

  • Systems ecology
  • Comparative ecosystems

Research Projects

Ecological network theory: applications to ecosystem structure and function, indirect effects, trophic dynamics and utility.

Selected Publications

Patten, B. C., and Fath, B. D. 2000. The network variable in ecology: a partial account of Georgia systems ecology, with research sketches from the Okefenokee. Chapter 10, pages 168-222, in Barrett, G. W., Barrett, T. L, and Smith, M. H. (eds.). Holistic Science: The Evolution of the Georgia Odum School of Ecology (1940-2000). Gordon and Breach Science Publishers.

Jørgensen, S. E., B. C. Patten, and M. Straskraba. 2000. Ecosystems emerging: growth. Ecol. Mod. 126: 149-284.

Fath, B. D. and B. C. Patten. 1999. Review of the foundations of network environ analysis. Ecosystems 2: 167-179.

Fath, B. D. and B. C. Patten. 1999. Network synergism: emergence of positive relations in ecological models. Ecol. Mod. 107: 127-143.

Patten, B. C. 1999. Out of the Clockworks-Ecology, The Ascendent Perspective by Robert E. Ulanowicz, Columbia University Press, New York. Estuaries (book review & critique): 22(2A): 339-342.

Patten, B. C. 1998. Steps toward a cosmography of ecosystems: orientors for directional development, self-organization, and autoevolution. In Müller, F., and Leupelt, M., Eco Targets, Goal Functions, and Orientors. Proc. Worshop on Unifying Goal Functions, August 30-September 4, 1996, Salzau, Germany. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. pp. 137-160, 619 p.

Patten, B. C. 1998. Ecology's AWFUL Theorem: sustaining sustainability. Ecol. Mod. 108: 97-105.

Patten, B. C. and S. E. Jørgensen. (eds.). 1995. Complex Ecology. The Part-Whole Relation in Ecosystems. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 705 p.

Patten, B. C. 1995. Environs, emergy, transformity and energy value. In Hall, C.A.S. (ed.). Maximum Power: Application of the Ideas of Howard Odum to Ecology, Economics and Engineering. University of Colorado Press, Niwot, Colorado. pp. 255-278.

Bernard Patten