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Amy Rosemond

Associate Professor
Graduate Faculty
University of Georgia
Room 189, Ecology Bldg.
Athens, GA 30602

Office: (706) 542-3903
Fax: (706) 542-4819
email: rosemond@uga.edu

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Dr. Rosemond is also on the Conservation Ecology faculty.


Ph.D. - Vanderbilt University
M.S. - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
B.S. - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Research Interests

  • Linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem function
  • Detritus-based food webs
  • Nutrient mobilization effects on aquatic ecosystems
  • Food web stoichiometry
  • Global change effects on aquatic ecosystems

Research Projects

Responses of detritus-based food webs to nutrient enrichment; How invasive species affect species richness and ecosystem function; How nutrient enrichment affects the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function; How changes in nutrient stoichiometry affects food web structure and function; How urbanization and other watershed land use affects biodiversity, food web structure and ecosystem function in streams

Selected Publications

Suberkropp, K., V. Gulis, A.D. Rosemond, and J.P. Benstead. 2010. Ecosystem and physiological scales of microbial response to nutrients in a detritus-based stream: results of a 5-year continuous enrichment.  Limnology and Oceanography 55:149-160.

Davis, J.M., A.D. Rosemond, S.L. Eggert, W.F. Cross and J.B. Wallace.  2010. Long-term nutrient enrichment decouples predator and prey production. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107:121-126.

Rosemond, A.D., C.M. Swan, J.S. Kominoski, S.E. Dye. 2010. Non-additive effects of litter mixing are suppressed in a nutrient-enriched stream. Oikos 119:326-336.

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Carter, T.L., C.R. Jackson, A.D. Rosemond, C.M. Pringle, D. Radcliffe, W. Tollner, J. Maerz, D. Leigh, A. Trice. 2009. Beyond the urban gradient: barriers and opportunities for timely studies of urbanization effects on aquatic ecosystems. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28:1038-1050.

Benstead, J.P, A.D. Rosemond, W.F. Cross, J.B. Wallace, S.L. Eggert, K. Suberkropp, V. Gulis, J.L. Greenwood and C.J. Tant. 2009. Long-term nutrient enrichment alters organic matter dynamics in a headwater stream ecosystem. Ecology 90:2556-2566.

Anderson, C.B., G.M. Pastur, M.V. Lencinas, P. Wallem, M.C. Moorman, and A.D.  Rosemond. 2009. Do introduced North American Beavers engineer differently in southern South America? – An overview with implications for restoration. Mammal Review 39: 33-52.

Rosemond, A.D., W.F. Cross, J.L. Greenwood, V. Gulis, S.L. Eggert, K. Suberkropp, J.B. Wallace and S.E. Dye. 2008. Nitrogen versus phosphorus demand in a detritus-based headwater stream: what drives microbial to ecosystem response? Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 30:651-655.

Gulis, V., K. Suberkropp and A.D. Rosemond. 2008. Comparison of fungal activity on wood and leaf litter in unaltered and nutrient enriched headwater streams. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 74:1094-1101.

Anderson, C.B. and A.D. Rosemond. 2007. Ecosystem engineering by invasive exotic beavers reduces in-stream diversity and enhances ecosystem function in Cape Horn, Chile.  Oecologia 154:141-153.

Cross, W.F., J.B. Wallace and A.D. Rosemond. 2007. Nutrient enrichment reduces constraints on material flows in a detritus-based food web. Ecology 88:2563-2575.

Anderson, C.B., C.R. Griffith, A.D. Rosemond, R. Rozzi, and O. Dollenz. 2006. The effects of invasive North American beavers on riparian plant communities in Cape Horn, Chile: Do exotic beavers engineer differently in sub-Antarctic ecosystems? Biological Conservation 128: 467-474.

Cross, W.F., J.B. Wallace, A.D. Rosemond and S.L. Eggert. 2006. Whole-system nutrient enrichment increases secondary production in a detritus-based ecosystem. Ecology 87:1556-1565.

Greenwood, J.L., A.D. Rosemond, J.B. Wallace, W.F. Cross and H.S. Weyers. 2007. Nutrients stimulate leaf breakdown rates and detritivore biomass: bottom-up effects via heterotrophic pathways. Oecologia, 151:637-649.

Johnson, B.R., J.B. Wallace, A.D. Rosemond and W.F. Cross. 2006. Larval salamander growth responds to enrichment of a nutrient poor headwater stream. Hydrobiologia, 573:227-232.

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Cross, W.F., J. P. Benstead, A. D. Rosemond, and J. B. Wallace. 2003. Consumer-resource stoichiometry in a detritus-based stream. Ecology Letters 6:721-732.

Amy Rosemond