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John Paul Schmidt

Assistant Research Scientist
University of Georgia
Room 155C, Ecology
Athens, GA 30602-2202

Office: 706-542-2968
Fax: 706-542-4819
email: jpschmidt270@gmail.com


Ph.D. - Ecology, University of Georgia

M.S. -  Plant Biology, University of Georgia

B.A. -  Philosophy, Emory University

Research Interests

Plant population biology

Invasion ecology of plants

Disease ecology

Environmental policy

Ecological Economics

Landscape Ecology

Professional Affiliations

Ecological Society of America

Selected Publications


Park AW, MJ Farrell, JP Schmidt, S Huang, TA Dallas, P Pappalardo, JM Drake, PR Stephens, R Poulin, CL Nunn, TJ Davies. 2018. Characterizing the phylogenetic specialism- generalism spectrum of mammal parasites. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285: 20172613.

Schmidt JP, PR Stephens, JM Drake. 2017. Residence time, native range size, and genome size predict naturalization among angiosperms introduced to Australia. Ecology and Evolution 7:10289-10300.

Schmidt JP, D Markewitz, F deA Oliviera, A Sila, AH Joslin. 2017. vNIR spectroscopy to assess soil changes in Ultisols of Pará State, Brazil. Geoderma Regional 11: 71-77.

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Trapnell DW, Schmidt JP, Hamrick JL. 2008. Spatial genetic structure of the southeastern North American endemic, Ceratiola ericoides. Journal of Heredity 99:604-609.

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Schmidt, JP. 2011. Documentation of Rare or Outstanding Natural Communities in the Georgia Piedmont and upper Coastal Plain for Georgia DNR's Biodiversity Databases. Report to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Nongame Conservation Section.

Schmidt JP. 2009. Vegetation Monitoring Protocols for Southeast Coast Network Parks. Final report submitted to the Southeast Coast Network, National Park Service.

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John Paul Schmidt