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Dorset W. Trapnell

Assistant Professor
University of Georgia
Room 3508, Department of Plant Biology
Athens, GA 30602

Office: (706) 542-6506
email: dorset@plantbio.uga.edu

Dr. Trapnell is also on the Conservation Ecology faculty.


Ph.D.  - University of Georgia
M.S.    - University of Georgia
M.B.A. - Rutgers University
B.A.     - Colgate University

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary impact of landscape level disturbance and habitat fragmentation on plant species, particularly neotropical orchids.
  • Phylogeographic analyses for the purpose of identifying ancient refugia associated with Pleistocene glacial maxima and subsequent expansion zones of plant taxa in response to global warming.
  • Population genetic analyses of endemic and native plant taxa to investigate how long distance dispersal mechanisms and Pleistocene/Holocene climate change have influenced colonization of a young, isolated island chain and the evolution of species.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation
Botanical Society of America
New Jersey Board of Certified Public Accountants
Organization for Tropical Studies
Society for the Study of Evolution

Selected Publications

Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL, Parker KC, Braungart KW, Glenn TC (2011) Evaluating the utility of microsatellites for investigations of autopolyploid taxa. Journal of Heredity, 102, 473-478.

Parker KC, Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL, Hodgson WC, Parker AJ (2010) Inferring ancient Agave cultivation practices from contemporary genetic patterns. Molecular Ecology, 19, 1622-1637.

Gonzales E., Hamrick JL, Smouse PE, Trapnell DW, Peakall, R (2010) The impact of landscape disturbance on spatial genetic structure in the Guanacaste tree, Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Fabaceae). Journal of Heredity, 12, 133-143.

Trapnell DW, Schmidt JP, Hamrick JL (2008) Spatial genetic structure of the southeastern North American endemic, Ceratiola ericoides (Empetraceae). Journal of Heredity, 99, 604-609.

Peters MB, Hagen C, Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL, Rocha O, Smouse P, Glenn T (2008) Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the Guanacaste tree, Enterolobium cyclocarpum. Molecular Ecology Resources, 8, 129-131.

Trapnell DW, Schmidt JP, Quintana-Ascencio PF, Hamrick JL (2007) Genetic insights into the biogeography of the southeastern endemic, Ceratiola ericoides (Empetraceae). Journal of Heredity, 98, 587-593.

Parker KC, Hamrick JL, Hodgson WC, Trapnell DW, Parker AJ, Kuzoff RK (2007) Genetic consequences of pre-Colombian cultivation for Agave murpheyi and A. delamateri (Agavaceae). American Journal of Botany, 94, 1479-1490.

Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL (2006) Floral display and mating patterns within populations of the neotropical epiphytic orchid, Laelia rubescens. American Journal of Botany, 93, 1010-1018.

Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL (2006) Variety of phorophyte species colonized by the neotropical epiphyte, Laelia rubescens (Orchidaceae). Selbyana, 27, 60-64.

Schuettpelz E, Trapnell DW (2006) Exceptional epiphyte diversity on a single tree in Costa Rica. Selbyana, 27, 65-71.

Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL (2005) Mating patterns and gene flow in the neotropical epiphytic orchid, Laelia rubescens. Molecular Ecology, 14, 75-84.

Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL (2004) Partitioning nuclear and chloroplast variation at multiple spatial scales in the neotropical epiphytic orchid, Laelia rubescens. Molecular Ecology, 13, 2655-2666.

Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL, Nason JD (2004) Three-dimensional fine-scale genetic structure of the neotropical orchid, Laelia rubescens. Molecular Ecology, 13, 1111-1118.

Trapnell DW, Hamrick JL, Giannasi DE (2004) Genetic variation and species boundaries in Calopogon (Orchidaceae). Systematic Botany, 29, 308-315 .

Windsor DM, Trapnell DW, Amat G (1996) The capitulum of a neotropical walkingstick, Calynda bicuspis, induces aboveground egg dispersal by the ponerine ant, Ectatomma ruidum. Journal of Insect Behavior, 9, 353-367.

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Dorset W. Trapnell