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The Odum School of Ecology falls under the jurisdiction of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. The administration of the Odum School consists of a Dean, two Associate Deans, Graduate Coordinator, and an Undergraduate Coordinator. The university President, in consultation with a representative committee of faculty members, will recommend appointment of the Dean subject to approval by the Board of Regents. The two Associate Deans will be appointed by the Dean.

Current Administration
Dean: Dr. John Gittleman
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Dr. John Drake
Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs: Dr. Jeb Byers
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Ford Ballantyne
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Scott Connelly

Academic Advisor III: Misha Boyd
Academic Advisor IV: Katherine Adams
Accountants: Elaine Dunbar, Caitlin McDonald
Business Manager III: Emily Schattler
Administrative Associate II: Wendy Paulsen
Administrative Assistant II: Shialoh Wilson
Administrative Specialist I: Del Burton
Communications Coordinator: Beth Gavrilles
Communications Specialist: Ben Taylor
Development & Alumni Relations Coordinator: Allison Walters
Director of Finance & Administration: Mica Turner
Laboratory Manager: Nick Colvard
Librarian: Terry Camp
IT Director: Brian Perkins
IT Professional Principal: Tyler Ingram
Post-award Grants Coordinator: Leslie Sitz


The Odum School of Ecology

The Odum School of Ecology is the first standalone school of ecology in the world. Many universities have departments of ecology and schools that focus on the broader field of environmental studies, but the Odum School is the only one specifically independently devoted to ecology.