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Scientists predict number of undiscovered mammal species

There are probably 303 species of mammals left to be discovered by science, most of which are likely to live in tropical regions, according to a predictive model developed by a team of University of Georgia ecologists. Their research, recently published in Ecology and Evolution, could guide efforts to find and conserve these as-yet unknown species.

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Denzell Cross awarded Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Denzell Cross, a doctoral student in Integrative Conservation and Ecology at the University of Georgia, has been awarded a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship.

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Aug. 7, 2018

CEID SEMINAR: Moving forward with spatial disease models: Lessons from amphibians and their fungal parasites
David Daversa, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Liverpool and the Zoological Society of London
Aug. 13, 2018