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Chappell wins ICON Agile Scientist award

Mar. 20, 2017

Writer: Beth Gavrilles, bethgav@uga.edu

Contact: Jessica Chappell, jchapp@uga.edu

Jessica Chappell, a doctoral student in ecology and integrative conservation, was honored with the ICON Agile Scientist award at the fourth annual Symposium on Integrative Conservation. The award recognizes engagement in conservation practice and learning both within and outside of academia.

“I have always had a passion for community outreach projects, so it’s an honor to be recognized for my efforts by such a prestigious program such as ICON,” said Chappell.

Chappell’s research focuses on minimizing tradeoffs between human and environmental demand for freshwater from streams in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico. She is exploring how low head dams associated with water withdrawals impact migratory species like freshwater shrimp and American eel that need to move between freshwater and estuarine habitat. Her analysis will also consider ways water withdrawal schemes could be improved to better meet human and ecosystem needs.

The Agile Scientist award celebrates the ICON doctoral program’s goal of training scientists who are able to move between academic contexts and other realms of conservation practice, including communities, schools, the media and non-governmental organizations, to better understand and frame the most important socio-ecological problems of the twenty-first century. For more information about ICON, see http://icon.uga.edu/.

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