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Service and Outreach at the Odum School of Ecology

The Odum School of Ecology has several initiatives that focus on outreach to the state of Georgia and beyond. Service is a vital component to the success of the Odum School, in addition to teaching and research.

• The River Basin Center (RBC) integrates science and policymaking at an international, nation and local level. The RBC works to enhance cooperation among academic disciplines, government agencies, community groups, businesses and citizens towards the protection of water and land resources.

• The student-run EcoReach program helps coordinate ecological activities for students at local elementary, middle and high schools and at community events. Students learn about topics such as conservation, biodiversity and natural history through hands-on activities.

• Founded in 2007, the EcoFocus Film Festival screens films of high scientific and artistic quality to promote conversations on both the content and medium by which environmental themes are conveyed. The intention is for these films to serve as catalysts for increased public awareness, discussion and action to improve the ecological health of our planet and its inhabitants.