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Areas of Expertise

Researchers at the Odum School of Ecology are addressing today's pressing and complex issues, from global climate change to water policy to infectious diseases - and much more. With expertise in areas including ecosystems, disease, conservation and aquatics, Odum School faculty are at the forefront of cutting-edge research.

There are many experts in a variety of fields at the Odum School, but there are five core research areas that we are especially known for:

Infectious diseases
Ecosystem ecology/Biogeochemistry
Aquatics/Watershed ecology
Evolutionary ecology/Biogeography

Faculty with expertise in these areas are noted below:


Dr. Odum, widely regarded as “the father of modern ecology,” founded the University of Georgia’s Institute of Ecology as well as the Marine Institute on Sapelo Island. He also wrote Fundamentals of Ecology, one of the first textbooks on the subject that was first published in 1953 and still used in universities. Dr. Odum argued that the earth is a series of interlocking environmental communities, or ecosystems and is often credited with making the term "ecosystem" a household word.