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Ecology Study Abroad and Maymester Programs

Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica

The University of Georgia San Luis Research Station presents a special opportunity to offer students a world-class interdisciplinary academic experience in the tropics.

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Agro-Ecology in Tropical America

Students will tour a tropical country and receive on-site instruction at a series of farms and ecological preserves over 18 days. Intensive field study in crops and cropping systems of tropical America, influences of geography, climate, and socioeconomic factors, as well as the impact of agriculture on the ecosystems of the region. Offered summer semester.

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The Honors Interdisciplinary Summer Field Program in Geology, Anthropology and Ecology (UGA-IFP)

The Honors Interdisciplinary Summer Field Program (UGA-IFP) encompasses Geology, Anthropology, and Ecology in a unique and exciting "open-air" classroom that travels throughout much of the western United States in eight weeks.

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Tropical Marine Invertebrates (and Ecosystems)

Our goal is to get to know some of the common invertebrates found in the different tropical marine environments (Everglades, mangroves, seagrasses, coral reefs), learn about these ecosystems, and explore the animal’s and plant’s basic biology and ecology.

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Methods in Marine Ecology

This field and lab based course will be taught at UGA Marine Institute on Sapelo Island . Students will be immersed in exercises and material to understand ecological processes and interactions in marine and estuarine environments ranging from microbes to vertebrates. Students will also use methodological techniques to run experiments, and gather and analyze data.

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The Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals

This course will provide students with a broad overview of issues involved in the empirical study, conservation and management of marine mammals, with a focus on marine mammals common in the southeastern U.S. (Bottlenose Dolphin, Northern Right Whale, Florida Manatee and Pygmy Sperm Whale).

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A World Class Education

Students in the Odum School are strongly encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities. UGA has a strong international presence and students that study in locations from Costa Rica to Brazil enjoy the benefits of a world class education.

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