The Odum School of Ecology uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide an unparalleled experience to its undergraduate students. To be prepared for careers in ecology, students are provided a solid foundation in the fundamental sciences of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and data analysis. With these tools, students then investigate more broadly the patterns of biodiversity through elective courses in geography, anthropology, natural history, environmental law and a host of other subjects. The Odum School offers doctoral, master’s, and certificate programs that provide students with an interdisciplinary course of study, allowing them to develop a broad background in ecology and related disciplines. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in academia as well as the public and private sectors. Our alumni are employed in a variety of positions, including as university faculty, policy analysts, conservation directors, executives in nonprofit organizations, and officers in government agencies.

Latest News

Ecosystem Engineers: Byers studies how marine organisms structure habitat

From beavers, which stop up flowing water to create the pools of water they depend upon, to oysters, which filter seawater and stabilize the shoreline to create more habitat, organisms

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Asymptomatic pertussis more common than believed

A new study from Boston University and UGA finds that asymptomatic pertussis may be far more common than previously believed.

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Odum School of Ecology Celebrates Class of 2021 with Online Convocation

The Odum School of Ecology held an online convocation to celebrate the awarding of degrees to the class of 2021

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Commitment To Research

Researchers at the Odum School of Ecology are addressing today’s pressing and complex issues, from global climate change to water policy to infectious diseases – and much more. With expertise in areas including ecosystems, disease, conservation and aquatics, Odum School faculty are at the forefront of cutting-edge research.