The Odum School of Ecology’s Student Ambassador Program launched in fall 2022. Student Ambassadors are undergraduate ecology majors who help host events—like our weekly ‘Waffle Wednesday’ and graduation receptions—that build a sense of community. They assist with campus visits, both meeting with prospective students and families and facilitating the opportunity for prospective students to shadow an undergraduate ecology course. They also contribute content through the Odum School’s social media channels, providing insight into the student experience.

Student Ambassadors are chosen by a committee of faculty and staff, based on their academic achievements, leadership potential and commitment to serving the Odum community. They attend monthly workshops to brainstorm ideas for community involvement, plan content for social media and explore topics like best practices for communications.

Applications for the 2023-2024 cohort of Student Ambassadors will open in spring.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Allison Injaian, lecturer and academic coordinator.

students pose in front of ecology sign
Odum School of Ecology’s inaugural Student Ambassadors include (L-R) Paige Robinson, Skye Remko, Isaac Wood, Ethan Hackmeyer, Sam Dilley, and Caroline Anscombe. Not pictured: Margaret Xiao. Photo by Allison Injaian.

Caroline Anscombe, BS ’23

“I’m an ecology major with a certificate in sustainability. I am particularly interested in urban stream biogeochemistry, and I had the opportunity to work on a multi-university team in the summer of 2022 studying intermittent streams! After graduation, I plan on continuing my ecological studies in a graduate program. The culture and faculty at Odum have allowed me to excel while here at UGA. I wanted to be an ambassador because I want to help cultivate that environment for new students.”

Sam Dilley, AB ’25

“As an A.B. ecology and A.B. economics double major with a certificate in sustainability, I am interested in using economics to find the sustainable intersection between human and environmental interests. In the future, I hope to pursue a graduate degree in environmental management and eventually work in sustainability consulting! Through being a Student Ambassador, I hope to show the interdisciplinary nature of ecology and connect more with the supportive community I’ve found at Odum.”

Ethan Hackmeyer, AB ’23

“I’m an ecology and international affairs double major. I hope to utilize what I’ve learned at Odum to improve environmental policy in our country, and to educate those that don’t yet know about ecology. I’m serving as a Student Ambassador to continue fostering the community that has helped me so much during my college career at UGA, and to help prospective students decide if Odum is the right fit!”

Skye Remko, BS ’23

“I’m a fourth year ecology B.S. major with a genetics minor. I’m interested in how we can solve ecological problems through a genetic lens, and I currently work on genetic engineering of American Chestnut to confer blight resistance, potentially bringing back a keystone species to America’s forests. Being an Odum Student Ambassador allows me to give back to the community that helped me grow and learn!”

Paige Robinson, AB ’25

“As an A.B. ecology major working toward certificates in sustainability and GIS, I’m interested in sustainable development and environmental consulting, and in the future I hope to work on sustainable urban development in cities. My interest in ecology started as a child from growing up outdoors and seeing how much people influence the environment both positively and negatively. As an Odum Student Ambassador, I love connecting with current and prospective students and representing the welcoming and fun atmosphere in Odum!”

Isaac Wood, BS ’24

“My interest in ecology stemmed from growing up in a city and seeing the impacts of urbanization on the environment. After taking classes in Odum, I realized that I could help solve these ecological problems. I’m an ecology B.S. major pursuing the sustainability certificate, and my interests are in urban ecology, freshwater systems and environmental education. By serving as an ambassador, I hope to give back to the encouraging community I’ve found at Odum and welcome new folks to us!”

Margaret Xiao, AB ’24

“After taking an introductory environmental issues course, I knew I wanted to solve challenges at the intersection of our natural and economic systems. Odum has provided me with the programs, community and guidance that have helped me work toward these interdisciplinary aspirations. Serving as an Odum Student Ambassador allows me to share the positive experiences I had and connect with people who are seeking the same thing!”