The Bachelor of Arts degree in Ecology is an interdisciplinary degree bringing together the natural and the social sciences, experiential learning, communication and group skills—in the context of understanding the environment to solve problems. Our program builds upon a strong core of Ecology courses that are shared with the existing Bachelor of Science degree and adds courses that allow students to consider human dimensions of ecological issues and become better equipped to synthesize and communicate challenges and solutions.

Areas of Emphasis

A.B. in Ecology: Conservation & Sustainability
A.B. in Ecology: Science Communication
A.B. in Ecology: Environmental Policy & Law
A.B. in Ecology: Education & Outreach

Course Requirements

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Foundation Courses (9 hours)

ENGL 1101 – English Composition I
ENGL 1102 – English Composition II
MATH 1113 – Precalculus

Sciences (7-8 hours)

At least one of the physical science or life science courses must include a laboratory.

Physical Sciences (3-4 hours)

Preferred Course(s): (CHEM 1211 and CHEM 1211L) or (CHEM 1311H and CHEM 1311L)

Life Sciences (3-4 hours)

Preferred Course(s): (BIOL 1107, BIOL 1107L) or (BIOL 2107H, BIOL 2107L)

Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 hours)

Preferred Course(s): CSCI 1210 or GEOG 2011-2011L

World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts (12 hours)

No preferred courses for this area

Course credit received as a result of a score on a departmental foreign language placement test will not satisfy the General Education Core Curriculum requirements in Area IV, World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts. World Languages and Culture (9 hours)

Social Sciences (9 hours)

Students who have not met the Georgia and U.S. Constitution requirement by examination should enroll in POLS 1101 or POLS 1101E or POLS 1105H. A passing grade on an examination on the history of the United States and Georgia is required to satisfy the United States and Georgia History Requirement for all persons receiving a baccalaureate degree from the University, unless exempted by one of the following courses: HIST 2111, HIST 2111E, HIST 2111H, HIST 2112, HIST 2112E, HIST 2112H, HIST 3080H. Examinations are given at University Testing Services. Reexamination is permitted. Contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-3183 for information.

Major Related Courses

AAEC 2580 or ECON 2106 or ECON 2106H ANTH 1102 or ANTH 2120H or GEOG 1103 or GEOG 2130H (BIOL 1108, BIOL 1108L) or (BIOL 2108H, BIOL 2108L) COMM 1110 or COMM 2150H (ECOL 1000 or ECOL 1000H) and ECOL 1000L ECOL 2100

If any of the courses in Area VI have been used to satisfy Areas II-V of the Core Curriculum, General Electives may be taken here. (Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting General Electives).

Major Electives (15-20 hours)

Natural History (4 hours)

ANTH(ECOL) 4210L/6210L CBIO(PBIO) 4600/6600 and CBIO(PBIO) 4600L/6600L ECOL 4050/6050-4050L/6050L ECOL 4070/6070-4070L/6070L ENTO 3140-3140L ENTO 4000/6000-4000L/6000L PATH(PBIO) 4200/6200-4200L/6200L PBIO 4650/6650-4650L/6650L WILD(ECOL) 3580 and WILD(ECOL) 3580L WILD(ECOL) 4040/6040-4040L/6040L WILD(BIOL) 4050/6050 and WILD(BIOL) 4050L/6050L WILD(ECOL) 4060/6060-4060L/6060L

Methods/Skills (3-4 hours)

CRSS(FANR) 3060 and CRSS(FANR) 3060L ECOL 3100-3100L ECOL(BIOL) 3510 ECOL 4130L ECOL(MARS) 4225-4225L ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310/6310-4310L/6310L ECOL(BIOL)(MARS) 4330/6330-4330L/6330L ECOL 4960 or ECOL 4960H*** FANR 3800 and FANR 3800L GEOG 4370/6370-4370L/6370L MARS 4500/6500 STAT 4210 WILD(ECOL)(POPH) 4575/6575

Major Electives (9-12 hours)

Choose 3 courses. At least one course must be from Group A:

Group AGroup B
ECOL 3000-3000L ECOL 4160 ECOL 3100-3100L ECOL(FANR) 4220/6220 ECOL 3220 ECOL(MARS) 4225-4225L ECOL 3220 and ECOL 3220L ECOL 4240-4240L ECOL 3480 ECOL(FISH)(WASR) 4310/6310-4310L/6310L ECOL(BIOL) 3510 ECOL(BIOL)(MARS) 4330/6330-4330L/6330L ECOL 3520 ECOL 4500/6500 ECOL 3600 ECOL(PBIO) 4520/6520 ECOL 3880H ECOL 4540/6540 ECOL 4050/6050-4050L/6050L ECOL 4070/6070-4070L/6070L ECOL 4130L ECOL(BIOL) 4150/6150-4150L/6150LAAEC(ENVM) 3020 EHSC 4610 AAEC 3400 EHSC 4700 ALDR(AFST)(LACS) 4710/6710 EHSC 4900 ANTH 3040 or ANTH 3045L ENVM 3060 ANTH 3090 ENVM(EHSC) 4250/6250 ANTH 3100 ENVM(ECOL)(FANR)(EHSC) 4770H ANTH 3200 ENVM(AAEC) 4930/6930 ANTH 3235 FANR 3800 FANR 3800L ANTH 3265 FANR(ECOL) 4810/6810 ANTH 3541 FISH(ECOL)(MARS)(WILD) 4550/6550-4550L/6550L ANTH 4010/6010 GENE 3000-3000D ANTH 4015/6015 GEOG 3630 ANTH 4070/6070 GEOG(PBIO) 4220/6220 ANTH 4100/6100 GEOG(PBIO) 4240/6240 ANTH(BIOL)(ECOL)(EETH)(ENTO)(FANR)(GEOL)(PATH)(PBIO) 4261 GEOG 4350/6350-4350L/6350L ANTH(ECOL) 4290/6290 GEOG 4370/6370-4370L/6370L ANTH(PBIO) 4300/6300-4300L/6300L GEOG 4810/6810 ATSC(GEOG) 3110 GEOL 3150 ATSC(GEOG) 4160/6160 GEOL 4010-4010L CMLT 3210 GEOL 4520/6520 COMM 3200 HORT(ANTH)(PBIO) 3440 COMM 3320 IDIS(CBIO) 3100 COMM 3600 INTL 3200 CRSS(FANR) 3060, CRSS(FANR) 3060L INTL 4210 CRSS 3540 INTL 4220 CRSS 4010/6010 MARS 3450 CRSS(HORT)(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG) 4930/6930 MARS(MIBO) 4620/6620-4620L/6620L CRSS(HORT)(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG) 4931/6931 MARS 4810/6810 ECOL 3900* or ECOL 3900H PATH(ANTH)(PBIO) 3010 ECOL 3910** PHIL(EETH) 4220/6220 ECOL 4940*** STAT 4210 ECOL 4960*** or ECOL 4960H*** STAT 4220 ECOL 4990*** or ECOL 4990H*** STAT 4240/6240 EETH 4020/6020 WASR 4400-4400L EETH(AESC) 4190/6190 WASR(CRSS)(ECOL)(ENGR)(GEOG)(GEOL) 4700L/6700L EETH 4230/6230 WILD(ECOL)(POPH) 4575/6575 EHSC 4400