About the Certificate in Conservation Ecology

Students enrolled in any graduate degree program in the University of Georgia may apply to the Graduate Certificate Program in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development. This program is designed for students who wish to develop an area of specialty that complements their primary degree program.

Students who earn this certificate will receive interdisciplinary preparation to handle the unique, multi-disciplinary problems associated with conservation and sustainable development. Students in the natural sciences will gain a social science perspective in their understanding of the ecology of development, and students in the social sciences will learn ecological principles so that their decisions can be grounded in biological fact. Click on course requirements below for more information.

Applications to the program should be made by filling out an application form available from Julie Gunby in the Ecology Graduate Program Office, Room 19, Ecology Building, gunby@uga.edu. Applications may be received and acted upon at any time.

Course Requirements

The course and credit requirements are the same as for the Master’s Degree in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development except that a thesis is not required. The Graduate Certificate Program requires a student to complete at least 20 hours of credit. The program of study must include 3 core courses (10 credits):

  • ECOL 6080, Principles of Conservation and Sustainable Development I, 4 hours, fall only;
  • ECOL 8710, Environmental Practicum, 4 hours, fall or spring; and
  • ECOL 8400, Perspectives on Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development, 2 hours, fall only.

The remaining hours of credit will be made up of electives selected from a list of approved courses.

A list of electives appropriate for the program is available here.

Requests for approval of alternative courses may be made to Seth Wenger.  One or more of these courses may jointly fulfill the requirements in the student’s major program of study.  The graduate student and his/her advisor in the student’s academic department plan the program of study to fulfill the requirements of the certificate program.