About Ecological Problem Solving (ECOL 3300)

Field studies of ecological principles for sustainable natural resource use and management. Examination of natural environments in Georgia (water, soil, vegetation, biodiversity) provides context for case studies and site visits to industries or municipalities utilizing novel approaches to environmental challenges.

In this off-campus field program, students will have 2 hours of lecture/discussion each day and 4-5 hours/day of learning content through guided tours, hands-on field studies, and guest lectures.

Prerequisites for ECOL 3300

(ECOL 1000 or ECOL 1000H) and [(ANTH 1102 or ANTH 2120H) or (GEOG 1103 or GEOG 2130H)] and permission of major advisor.


How to Apply to ECOL 3300

To apply please visit the Office of International Education’s website.