About Methods in Marine Ecology Study Away Program

This field and lab based course will be taught at UGA Marine Institute on Sapelo Island. Students will be immersed in exercises and material to understand ecological processes and interactions in marine and estuarine environments ranging from microbes to vertebrates. Students will also use methodological techniques to run experiments, and gather and analyze data.

About the Program

Course Topics

  • Edaphic effects
  • Microbial productivity
  • Life history
  • Statistics
  • Top-down/Bottom-up effects
  • Competition
  • Predation
  • Indirect effects
  • Parasitism
  • Species diversity
  • Population and community ecology
  • Experimental manipulation

Course Objectives

  1. Increase knowledge of relevant topical issues in the field of marine ecology.
  2. Learn to implement hypothesis-oriented field experiments and observations.
  3. Become acquainted with standard methods in ecology.
  4. Enhance field and lab note-taking abilities.
  5. Learn to analyze and interpret experimental data.
  6. Develop skills in writing up and presenting experimental results in a scientific format.
Tuition & Trip Costs

4 credits; May 15-June 5
Prerequisite is BIOL 1108
Enrollment limited to 15 students
Fee = tuition + approximately $800
Instructors: Jeb Byers (jebyers@uga.edu) and Melissa Booth (booth@uga.edu)

How to Apply