Our goal is to get to know some of the common invertebrates found in the different tropical marine environments (Everglades, mangroves, seagrasses, coral reefs), learn about these ecosystems, and explore the animal’s and plant’s basic biology and ecology. We will pick a reasonable research project that can be completed in about a week, learning to form and test hypotheses, conduct experiments, analyze data, write a scientific paper, and make an oral presentation. The course will take place in Key Largo, Florida.

About the Program

Schedule: May 16-31: Field work in Key Largo and the Florida Keys
Credit: 4 credits available through ECOL(BIOL)(MARS) 4330‐4330L
Costs: Tuition (covered by HOPE)
Instructor: Dr. Bill Fitt, BioScience 305, 706‐542‐3328, fitt@uga.edu