Edith Invernizzi

Visiting Scholar

Professional Website


PhD Biology Candidate – The University of St Andrews. 2017-2021

M. Phil. Bioarchaelogy – The University of Manchester, 2016

B.Sc. Genetics wt Mandarin Chinese – The University of Manchester, 2015


More About

I am an evolutionary biologist with an interest in dynamics: how does what happens during evolution influence evolution? What can we predict of the world around us when we include how it changes in the process?

I research behaviour. Once the physiological machinery that produces a behaviour is in place, how does performing the behaviour influence its own evolution, alone and in a social context?

I am a co-founder of the Early-career Social Learning Society (ESLR), a platform for networking and skills developing for ECRs working on Social Learning and Cultural Evolution.

Areas of Expertise
  • Evolution
  • Human Behaviour
  • Cultural Evolution
  • Collective Behaviour
  • Evolutionary Algorithms
Selected Publications

Smolla, M. , Invernizzi, E. , Bazhydai, M. , Casoli, M. , Deffner, D. , Faria, G. S., Jones, N. , Kanwal, J. , Staehler, A. and Uchiyama, R. (2018), Second annual workshop of the Association of Early‐Career Social Learning Researchers in St Andrews, Scotland. Evol Anthropol, 27: 184-187. doi:10.1002/evan.21746

Parker et al. (2018). Large-scale profiling of non-coding RNA function in yeast. PLoS Genet. 14(3): 14(3):e1007253. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007253

Invernizzi, E. & Gilman, R.T. (2015). The evolution of sexual imprinting in socially monogamous populations. Curr Zool, 61, 1043-1061. https://doi.org/10.1093/czoolo/61.6.1043