Elizabeth M. Warburton

CEID Postdoctoral Associate
Ezenwa Lab


Ph.D. Western Michigan University 2014

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

IPJ: Parasites and Wildlife Lectureship 2020

Blaustein Prestigious Fellow 2017

Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar 2015

Research Interests

Parasite community dynamics across multiple scales

Evolutionary ecology of host-parasite systems

Disease Ecology

Evolutionary Ecology

Community Ecology

Selected Publications

Beta-diversity of ectoparasites at two spatial scales: nested hierarchy, geography and habitat type (2017) Oecologia 184: 507-520;

From individual heterogeneity to population-level overdispersion: Quantifying the relative roles of host exposure and parasite establishment in driving aggregated helminth distributions (2018) International Journal for Parasitology 48: 309-318;

Effects of maternal and grandmaternal flea infestation on offspring quality and quantity in a desert rodent: evidence for parasite-mediated transgenerational phenotypic plasticity (2019) International Journal for Parasitology 49: 81-488