J Vaun McArthur

Senior Scientist


A.S., Ricks College

B‑S., Zoology, Brigham Young University

M.S. Zoology, Brigham Young University

Ph.D., Biology, Kansas State University

More About

2008-2018, Senior Scientist, Odum School of Ecology

1998-2018, Senior Scientist, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

1993-1998, Associate Research Professor, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

1986-1993, Assistant Research Professor, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

1985-1986, Postdoctoral Fellow, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Research Interests
  • Microbial ecology
  • Aquatic ecology
  • Interactions between stream bacteria and heavy metals in selecting for antibiotic resistance
Selected Publications

Fletcher, D. E.,  A. H. Lindell, G. K. Stillings, S. A. Blas and J V. McArthur. 2017. Trace element accumulation in lotic dragonfly nymphs: Genus matters. PLOS One.

Lovell, J., D. E. Fletcher and J V. McArthur.  2017. Fish predation and macroinvertebrate community structure in blackwater streams.  Freshwater Science.

McArthur, JV., R.C. Tuckfield, D.E Fletcher, and A.H. Lindell. 2017.  The effect of heavy metal pollution on the incidence of antibiotic resistance in Aeromonas hydrophila isolates obtained from the surface of fish.  Aquatic Microbial Ecology.

McArthur, JV., CA Dicks, AL Bryan and RC Tuckfield. 2017. The effects of low-level ionizing radiation and copper exposure on the incidence of antibiotic resistance in lentic biofilm bacteria. Environmental Pollution.

Microbial Ecology: An evolutionary approach.  2006.  Academic Press.

Lindell, A. H., R. C. Tuckfield and J. V. McArthur. 2016. “Differences in the Effect of Coal Pile Runoff (Low pH, High Metal Concentration) Versus Natural Carolina Bay Water (Low pH, Low Metal Concentration) on Plant Condition and Associated Bacterial Epiphytes of Salvinia minima.” Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 96(5): 602-607.

McArthur, JV., D.E. Fletcher, R.C. Tuckfield, C. Baker-Austin.  2016.  Patterns of multi-antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli from streams with no history of antimicrobial inputs.  Microbial Ecology 72(4): 840-850.

Fletcher, D.E., A.H. Lindell, G.K. Stillings, G.L. Mills, S.A. Blas, and JV. McArthur.  2015. Trophic Variation in Coastal Plain Stream Predatory Fishes.  Southeastern Naturalist 14:373-396.

McArthur, J V. and R. C. Tuckfield. 2015. The Role of Statistical Thinking in Environmental Microbiology.  Invited chapter for 4th Edition Methods in Microbial Ecology.