Kathryn Hatcher

Public Service Assistant, Retired


B.C.E., Georgia Institute of Technology

S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

More About

Co-chair, Georgia Water Resources Conference, 1989-1999

UGA administrator for the Georgia Water Research Institute Program, 1983-1997

UGA coordinator for U.S. EPA student intern program, National Network for Envrionmental Management STudies, 1994-99

UGA Faculty of Environmental Ethics, 1987-1999


Research Interests
  • Water resources planning and management
  • Quantitative analysis of decision alternatives
  • Computer models for predicting natural resources systems’ responses
  • Procedures for designing efficient data collection programs and environmental management studies
  • Environmental ethics
  • Georgia’s future
Selected Publications

Hatcher, Kathryn J (editor), Proceedings of the 19XX Georgia Water Resources Conference, sponsored by U.S. Geological Survey, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and three universities: UGA, GSU, and GIT; held in Athens, Georgia, May 16-17, 1989, 245 pages; held March 19-20, 1991, 356 pages; held April 20-21, 1993, 412 pages; held April 11-12, 1995, 412 pages; held March 20-22, 1997, 550 pages; held March 30-31, 1999, 600 pages.

Hatcher, Kathryn J., “Chapter 1. Project Overview and Summary,” in Clean Lakes Water Quality Study of Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia, Georgia DNR Environmental Protection Division, 1998.

Hatcher, Kathryn J., Prakash Temkar and Robert Riggins, “Total Water Environment Management: A Concept Plan for Developing Integrated Water Resources Management at U.S. Army Installations,” in Proceedings of the 1995 Georgia Water Resources Conference, April 11-12, 1995, Athens, Georgia, pp. 87-90.

Hatcher, Kathryn J. (editor and author of Chapters 1-5), Diagnostic/Feasibility Study of Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia, for Georgia DNR Environmental Protection Division under the U.S. EPA Clean Lakes Program, 1994, 378 p.