Kimberly Andrews

Assistant Research Scientist

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Ph.D. in Ecology (2010), University of Georgia

M.S. in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development (2004), University of Georgia

B.S. in Ecology (1999), University of Georgia

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Kimberly is an Assistant Research Scientist at the Odum School of Ecology. The Applied Wildlife Conservation Lab is located in Brunswick, GA at the Marine Extension. She moved to coastal Georgia in 2011 to establish this research lab and graduate student program in collaboration with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. The integrated research conducted in her lab focuses on wildlife ecology and health, human-wildlife interactions and conflict resolution, habitat quality and management practices, and the effects and mitigation of built infrastructure. They include both traditional and technological methods in their field work. Kimberly works on coastal projects in Georgia, South Carolina, and Costa Rica where she assists property owners, managers, and agencies in wildlife research and population monitoring, assessing infrastructure designs and mitigating industrial activity, and communicating conservation priorities to the public. Kimberly incorporates education and public involvement as a major component of all conservation research and management.