Kurt Buhlmann

Associate Research Scientist, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory


Post-Doctoral Research Associate; Savannah River Ecology Laboratory,

Ph.D. in Ecology, University of GeorgiaGraduate courses in Cave Biology and Biogeography, Old Dominion


M.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, Virginia Tech

B.S. in Environmental Studies, Stockton State College

Research Interests

A major focus of my research has been the life history and evolutionary ecology of amphibians and reptiles, primarily chelonians, with application to conservation and habitat management. Past research has included evaluation of terrestrial habitat requirements of aquatic herpetofauna in seasonal wetlands; the effects of prescribed fire, invasive species control, wetland restoration, and other land management practices on herpetofauna; design of turtle reintroduction methodologies; and basic population inventory and monitoring. Though much of my research has focused on the Southeastern US, I have also been involved with turtle conservation efforts on a global scale.