Laurie Fowler

Senior Public Service Associate Emeritus
Graduate Program Faculty


J.D. – University of Georgia, School of Law
L.L.M. – University of Washington, School of Law


Laurie Fowler is on the Conservation Ecology faculty. She is on the Water Resources faculty and holds adjunct status in the UGA School of Law.

Research Interests

Research Interests

Federal, state, and local environmental protection laws and policies; watershed protection strategies, growth management open space preservation, land use planning; conservation easements; environmental justice; citizen participation; service learning. Programs that integrate the latest scientific research with development of management policies to protect water quality and biodiversity. These include coordinating the development of the Etowah Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan, drafting the implementation piece for multi-jurisdictional plans to protect the Alcovy River in Georgia and the Upper Cahaba River in Alabama, developing greenspace protection plans for several urban and rural Georgia counties, overseeing the development of local land use laws and polices to restore impaired waters in the Altamaha watershed, and advising state government agencies on greenspace and wetlands protection.

Research Projects

Overseeing service learning projects involving ecology, law, environmental design and other graduate students working with stakeholders in specific Georgia river basins to protect critical natural resources. Past projects include developing a coastal riparian buffer model ordinance and guidance manual, researching financing mechanisms for septic system management, developing the framework for a regional river conservation organization on the Upper Etowah River, drafting conservation subdivision and transferable development rights legislation at the state and local level, drafting conservation easements to protect riverfront land.

Selected Publications

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