O. E. (Gene) Rhodes

UGA Athletic Association Professor in Applied Ecology
Director of the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Graduate Program Faculty

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Research Interests

My research interests focus on wildlife ecology and genetics, including studies of the genetic consequences of species reintroduction programs, the application of genetic tools for addressing issues in wildlife management, conservation, and disease ecology, the use of genetic markers to elucidate mating systems, movement behavior, and population structure of wildlife species, and sustainability of wildlife species in human-dominated landscapes with an emphasis on the resolution of human-wildlife conflicts.

Selected Publications

Olson, Z.H., J.C. Beasley and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2016. Carcass type affects local scavenger
guilds more than patch connectivity. PloS ONE 11(2): e0147798. doi:10.1371.

Dharmarajan, G., J. C. Beasley, W. S. Beatty, Z. H. Olson, J. A. Fike, and O. E. Rhodes, Jr.
2016. Genetic co-structuring in host-parasite systems: empirical data from raccoons (Procyon lotor) and raccoon ticks (Ixodes texanus). Ecoshpere 7: Art e01269.

Kierepka, E.M., Anderson, S.J., R.K. Swihart, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2016. Evaluating the
influence of life history characteristics on genetic structure: A comparison between small mammals inhabiting complex agricultural landscapes. Ecology and Evolution 6(17):6376-6396.

Keiter, D.A., F.L. Cunningham, O.E. Rhodes, Jr., B.J. Erwin and J.C. Beasley. 2016.
Optimization of scat detection methods for a social ungulate, the wild pig, and experimental evaluation of factors affecting detection of scat. PloS ONE 11(5): e0155615.doi:10.1371.

Kierepka, E.M., S.D. Unger, D.A. Keiter, J.C. Bealsey, O.E. Rhodes, Jr., F.L. Cunningham,
and A.J. Piaggio. 2016. Identification of robust microsatellite markers for wild pig fecal
DNA collected in the southeastern United States. Journal of Wildlife Management 80:1120-1128.

Brechignac, F., D. Oughton, C. Mays, L. Barnthouse, J.C. Beasley, A. Bonisoli-Alquati, C.
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Kautsky, W. Kuhne, M. Lynch, T. Mappes, S. Mihok, A. Moller, C. Mothersill, T. Mousseau, J. Otaki, E. Pryakhin, O.E. Rhodes, Jr., B. Salbu, P. Strand, and H. Tsukada. 2016. Adressing ecological effects of radiation on populations and ecosystems to improve protection of the environment against radiation: Agreed statements from a Consensus Symposium. Journal of Environmental Radiation 158-159:21-29.

Beatty, W.S., J.C. Beasley, Z.H. Olson and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2016. Influence of habitat
attributes on density of Virginia opossums (Didelphis virginiana) in agricultural ecosystems.
Canadian Journal of Zoology 94:411-419.

Abernethy, E., K. Turner, J. Beasley, T. DeVault, W. Pitt and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2016. Carcasses of invasive species are predominantly utilized by invasive scavengers in an island ecosystem. Ecosphere 7(10):e01496. 10.1002/ecs2.1496.

Smith, J.B., K. Turner, T.L. DeVault, W.W. Pitt, J.C. Beasley, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2016.
Carcass locations of brown treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) on Guam following exposure to
acetaminophen. Ecotoxicology 25:1556-1562.

Smyser, T.J., G.E. Stauffer, S.A. Johnson, O.E. Rhodes, Jr. and R.K. Swihart. 2016. Annual
survival of Alleghenny woodrats in a nonequilibrium metapopulation. Journal of Mammalogy 97: 1699-1708.

Schlichting, P.E., A.E. Holland, J.C. Beasley, A.L. Bryan, R.A. Kennamer, T.L. DeVault, B.F.
Blackwell, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2017. Efficacy of an acoustic hailing device as an avian
dispersal tool. Wildlife Society Bulletin 41:453-460.

Holland, A.E., M.E. Byrne, A.L. Bryan, T.L. DeVault, O.E. Rhodes, Jr, and J.C. Beasley.
2017. Fine-scale assessment of monthly home ranges and activity patterns for resident Black
(Coragyps atratus) and Turkey (Cathartes aura) Vultures in the southeastern United States.
PloS ONE DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone017981.

Turner, K.L., E.F. Abernethy, L.M. Conner, O.E. Rhodes, Jr., and J.C. Beasley. 2017.
Abiotic and biotic factors modulate carrion fate and scavenging community dynamics.
Ecology 98: 2413–2424

Hapeman, P., E.K. Latch, O.E. Rhodes, Jr., B. Swanson, and C.W. Kilpatrick. 2017.
Genetic population structure of fishers (Pekania pennanti pennant) in the Great Lakes
Region: remnants and reintroductions. Canadian Journal of Zoology DOI: 10.1139/cjz-

Kierepka, M.E., J.C. Kilgo, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2017. Effect of compensatory immigration
on the genetic structure of coyotes. Journal of Wildlife Management 81:1394-1407.

Webster, S.C., F. Cunningham, J.C. Kilgo, M. Vukovich, O.E. Rhodes, Jr., and J.C. Beasley.
2017. Effective dose and persistence of Rhodamine-B in wild pig vibrissae. Wildlife
Society Bulletin 41:764-769.

Keiter, D.A., A.J. Davis, O.E. Rhodes, Jr. F.L. Cunningham, J.C. Kilgo, K.M. Pepin, and J.C.
Beasley. 2017. Effects of scale of movement, detection probability, and true population
density on common methods of estimating population density. Scientific Reports 7: 9446 |

Abernethy, E.F., K.L. Turner, J.C. Beasley and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2017. Scavenging dynamics
of reptile and amphibian carrion in a temperate ecosystem. Ecoshpere 8: 10.1002/ecs2.1989

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exclusion on carrion consumption by facultative scavengers. Ecology and Evolution

Hennesy, C., C.C. Tsai, S.J. Anderson, P.A. Zollner and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. 2018. What’s
stopping you? Interstate highways as barriers for a suite of terrestrial rodents. Ecosphere
9:e02333. 10.1002/ecs2.2233

Hill, J.E., T.L. DeVault, J.C. Beasley, O.E. Rhodes, Jr., and J.L Belant. 2018. Roads do not
increase carrion use by a vertebrate scavenging community. Scientific Reports 8:16331