Rebecca Borchering

Postdoctoral Associate
Rohani Lab


PhD in Mathematics, University of Florida, 2017

MS in Mathematics, University of Florida, 2014

BS in Mathematics, Arizona State University, 2011

Research Interests
  • Population Ecology
  • Mathematical Ecology
  • Disease Ecology
  • Evolutionary Ecology
Selected Publications

Borchering, R. K., Bellan, S. E., Flynn, J. M., Pulliam, J. R., & McKinley, S. A. (2017). Resource-driven encounters among consumers and implications for the spread of infectious disease. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 14(135), 20170555.

Borchering, R. K., & McKinley, S. A. (2018). Continuum Approximation of Invasion Probabilities. Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, 16(2), 551-582.