Rhett Jackson

Professor, Hydrology


PhD., Hydrology, University of Washington

MSE, Environmental Engineering, Duke University

BSE, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Duke University

More About

I conduct trans-disciplinary investigations of water quality issues in collaboration with faculty from Crop and Soil Sciences, Ecology, Engineering, Entomology, Geography, Geology, Marine Sciences, and other programs. Investigators of water resource issues at the University of Georgia are broadly distributed across schools and disciplines. For more information on water programs at UGA, see the link below.

Areas of Expertise

Effects of land use activities, specifically forestry, agriculture, and urbanization, on water quality and aquatic habitat. Effectiveness of silvicultural and agricultural BMPs in reducing nonpoint pollution. Sediment mobilization and transport. Fluvial geomorphology. Hillslope and wetland hydrology.

Research Interests
Selected Publications

Recent Citations:

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