Seth Wenger

Associate Professor
Director of Science, River Basin Center
Graduate Program Faculty

Professional Website


Ph.D. in Ecology, University of Georgia
M.S. in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development, University of Georgia
B.S. in Environmental Science, Lebanon Valley College
B.A. in English, Lebanon Valley College

Research Interests

Research Interests

  • Potential effects of climate change on salmonids in the Western United States
  • Effects of urbanization and other land uses on freshwater ecosystems
  • Practical land use management policies to minimize impacts to freshwater ecosystems
  • Estimating populations and forecasting species populations status
  • Conservation prioritization
  • Other interests: decision analysis, ecosystem effects of fish community shifts, conservation of fishes of the Northern Andes

Research Projects

Modeling population viability across broad spatial scales; Modeling stream temperatures in the Pacific Northwest; Modeling the thermal niches of aquatic species; Methods for weighting competing ecological models; Effects of climate change and invasive species on the future distribution of inland cutthroat trout in the Western United States; urban effects on streams in Athens, GA

Selected Publications

Wheeler, K., Wenger, S.J., Walsh, S.J., Martin, Z.P., Jelks, H.L. and Freeman, M.C., 2018. Stream fish colonization but not persistence varies regionally across a large North American river basin. Biological Conservation, 223, pp.1-10.

Wenger, S.J., Leasure, D.R., Dauwalter, D.C., Peacock, M.M., Dunham, J.B., Chelgren, N.D. and Neville, H.M., 2017. Viability analysis for multiple populations. Biological Conservation, 216, pp.69-77.

Isaak, D.J., Wenger, S.J. and Young, M.K., 2017. Big biology meets microclimatology: defining thermal niches of ectotherms at landscape scales for conservation planning. Ecological Applications, 27(3), pp.977-990.