Suzanne O’Regan

Senior Research Associate (Drake Lab)


PhD Applied Mathematics, University College Cork, Ireland, 2011

Research Interests
  • Infectious disease ecology
  • Theoretical ecology
Selected Publications

Transient indicators of tipping points in infectious diseases. Accepted. SM O’Regan, EB O’Dea, P Rohani, JM Drake. Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Integrating data mining and transmission theory in the ecology of infectious diseases. 2020. BA Han, SM O’Regan, JP Schmidt, JM Drake.
Ecology Letters

Alternative Stable States, Tipping Points, and Early Warning Signals of Ecological Transitions. 2020. JM Drake, SM O’Regan, V Dakos, S Kefi, P. Rohani. In: KS McCann and G Gellner (editors) Theoretical Ecology: Concepts and Applications, Oxford University Press

The statistics of epidemic transitions. 2019. JM Drake, TS Brett, S Chen, BI Epureanu, MJ Ferrari, É Marty, PB Miller, EB O’Dea, SM O’Regan, AW Park, P Rohani. PLoS Computational Biology

How stochasticity influences leading indicators of critical transitions. 2018. SM O’Regan, DL Burton. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology