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Our Mission

The purpose of this program is to connect graduate, undergraduate, and professional ecologists at the University of Georgia with school-age children in order to heighten awareness of the science of ecology and environmental issues. By interacting with young people, we hope to raise awareness and enthusiasm for science, while supplementing the schools’ curriculum to meet objectives in the state curriculum guidelines.

EcoReach is here to interact with teachers to provide flexible programs designed to meet the needs of their students. We also serve our community through informal educational opportunities, such as presenting programs to local scout groups, providing judges for science fairs, and presenting programs at local science days.

Our Goals

  • To share information about the ecology with the community
  • To strengthen awareness of environmental issues
  • To inspire an interest in the environment in school-age children
  • To provide educational opportunities for students and faculty in the School of Ecology

Our Volunteers

Our organization is made up primarily of graduate students from the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia. We also have some undergraduate and faculty participants, as well as graduate students from other departments. We are a student-organized group with a faculty advisor, Dr. Jasmine Crumsey Forde.

Areas Served

We are happy to serve areas within a one-half hour drive of the University of Georgia.