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Contributions from alumni and friends are essential for the Odum School’s excellence in research, teaching and service. Private financial support from individuals, foundations and corporations is what helps distinguish great universities from good ones. Direct state support accounts for only about one third of UGA’s annual operating budget. Every gift is important, regardless of size.

Please consider making a gift online or mailing a check, payable to the UGA Foundation:

UGA Foundation
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Please include the fund name on the memo line. Below are several of the funds where you can designate your gift. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, please contact Melissa Lee at 706-542-2968 or

The Ecology Fund allows us to address the most pressing needs in the Odum School of Ecology. As the unrestricted fund this supports various initiatives of the students, faculty and dean.

To make an online gift, simply click on any of the important ecology initiatives below:

Student Support

The Ron Carroll and Carol Hoffman Costa Rica Travel Award

Provides funding for undergraduate and/or graduate students traveling to Costa Rica. Students traveling for the Maymester Tropical Ecology program are given first preference.

Frank Golley Memorial Award

Created in memory of Dr. Frank Golley, this award supports graduate student research and travel on an annual basis.

The Graduate Diversity Award in Ecology

Provides support for increasing the diversity of graduate students enrolled in the Odum School. Support includes travel and recruitment costs incurred by members of the Odum School. The award also provides funding to enhance the research experience for potential enrollees of the Odum School. This award was established by Dr. Dave Coleman, an emeritus faculty member of the Odum School.

The Graduate Student Support Fund

Provides funding for scholarships, awards, travel, and other expenses to support graduate students.

The Meyer-Helfman Travel Award

Awarded annually to students for travel to meetings, research sites, etc. which will further the Odum School’s contribution to applied ecology in honor of two distinguished former faculty members, Emeritus Professors Judy Meyer and Gene Helfman.

The Odum School of Ecology Faculty & Staff Support of Academic Excellence Award

An award that benefits undergraduate and graduate students through support from contributions by faculty and staff.

The James W. and Karen G. Porter Endowment

Supports exemplary undergraduates who demonstrate great passion for study in any area of ecology, in keeping with the importance the Porters placed on undergraduate education throughout their academic careers. Scholarship support will include funding for stipends, travel, research supplies, and related expenses to enhance undergraduate research at the Odum School.

Ecology Undergraduate Student Support Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to provide support for undergraduate students in the Odum School of Ecology (“School”). Support shall include, but not be limited to, scholarships, awards, travel, and any other expenses in support of undergraduate students as deemed appropriate by the Dean of the School.

The Dr. Rebecca Reyburn Sharitz and Carl Byrne Hatfield Fellowship

Supports doctoral candidates in ecology or plant biology at the University of Georgia, particularly those affiliated with the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. It was established by their family in memory of the late Prof. Emerita Rebecca Sharitz, world-renowned wetlands ecologist at SREL, and her husband Carl Byrne Hatfield.

The Robert A. Sheldon Memorial Fund

Supports graduate student travel or research expenses. This award was established in 1971 by a contribution from Dr. Joanne S. Sharpe in memory of her late husband, who was an outstanding graduate student in the Department of Zoology.

John Spencer Graduate Fellowship Fund

Provides a research assistantship(s) for a matriculating student(s) in either the Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development MS program or the MS Ecology program. The fund was created by his family and friends in memory of John Spencer, MS CESD ’16.

River Basin Center John Spencer Research Grants

Support graduate students affiliated with the UGA River Basin Center with small grants of up to $2,000. It was launched in 2016 with a generous donation from Kathelen Amos, and is named in memory of her son John Spencer, MS CESD ’16, who was a student affiliate of the River Basin Center. See the River Basin Center website for more information.

Research Support

The CEID Fund

Seeks to address problems at the intersection of ecology and infectious diseases by developing innovative technical methods and novel collaborative approaches. This fund allows the CEID to address their most pressing needs and supports various initiatives of the CEID and its faculty and student members.

The Coastal Georgia Marine (Ecology) Fund

Provides support for research on the Georgia Coast and neighboring states to allow students to experience firsthand the ecology of coastal Georgia.

The River Center Fund

Provides support for the River Basin Center’s work connecting freshwater science to management and policy. River Basin Center faculty, staff and students work on aquatic management issues around the globe, but the center maintains an emphasis on the southeastern U.S.

Service & Outreach Support

EcoReach connects graduate, undergraduate, and professional ecologists at the University of Georgia with school-age children in order to heighten awareness of the science of ecology and environmental issues.

The Sustainability Plan for Ecology Fund supports the Odum Schools goal to be the most ecologically sustainable academic program in the world and to enhance our research and teaching abilities in a holistic way, embodying the ecological philosophy of the School’s founder and namesake.

Please make your check payable to University of Georgia and indicate “Robert A. Sheldon” in the memo line.

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