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Water, conservation, and policy experts warn new federal rule could harm U.S. waters

Aquatic scientists and policy experts, including UGA’s Amy D. Rosemond, warn that a new federal rule could degrade U.S. water quality.

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UGA researchers to study zoonotic disease spillover

The UGA Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases will study the effects of environmental and human factors on zoonotic disease spillover.

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Gittleman to address AVMA Global Health Summit

Odum School Dean John L. Gittleman will deliver the opening address at the 2020 American Veterinary Medical Association Global Health Summit.

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Coral reefs show “ecological memory” and resilience to rising temperatures

Coral reefs in the Eastern Tropical Pacific region show resilience to rising ocean temperatures and may have adapted to heat stress, according to a study by an international team of researchers.

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