The Odum School emphasizes an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to research, integrating expertise and resources from other schools and colleges at UGA as well as other institutions.

A number of our faculty have joint appointments with other units on campus, including the College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Infectious Diseases, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences department of genetics, the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, the School of Law and the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Our researchers are part of several centers and affinity groups, including the Georgia Initiative for Climate and Society, the UGA Water Faculty and the Faculty of Infectious Diseases. The interdisciplinary River Basin Center and Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases are led by Odum School faculty and administered through the Odum School.

Areas of Expertise

There are many experts in a variety of fields at the Odum School, but our core research areas are Aquatic ecology/Watershed ecology, Infectious disease ecology, Ecosystem ecology/Biogeochemistry, Evolutionary ecology/Biogeography, Sustainability science/Conservation ecology, and Movement Ecology.

Latest News

Ecosystem Engineers: Byers studies how marine organisms structure habitat

From beavers, which stop up flowing water to create the pools of water they depend upon, to oysters, which filter seawater and stabilize the shoreline to create more habitat, organisms

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Asymptomatic pertussis more common than believed

A new study from Boston University and UGA finds that asymptomatic pertussis may be far more common than previously believed.

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Odum School of Ecology Celebrates Class of 2021 with Online Convocation

The Odum School of Ecology held an online convocation to celebrate the awarding of degrees to the class of 2021

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